Monday, 29 February 2016

Unsocial Media and His Evil Plan for World Domination, or Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

When I first started using the Internet (many moon tides ago) and discovered The Land of Blog, I thought it was so fab. (You can tell where I live just from my accent can't you ;o) ).
It was like going through the wardrobe and entering Narnia.
All those pictures and words written by all of those 'bored-at-home' folks; their dreams, their new family members, new creations, new fur babies...also their stories..such stories.

Sadly there are now very few of us around.
Other Unsocial Media has claimed us for their own and added us to their many denizen.
Instead of writing our thoughts and ideas down in our very own personal space, we now prefer to post on platforms along with masses of others.

 We write small snippets of, mostly, uninteresting product placements or quick adverts of our own lives.
'See what I've just created, it's for sale on blah blah, don't forget to like my Page!'
(I'm not knocking anyone here, I've done similar things too).
'I'll like you if you like me, share the love!'
(I don't do that one though!) :o)
We wait in long queues while other snippets are in front of us, wondering if anyone will even reach us before the store closes and our tickets are invalid.

What has happened to us all?
We have loads of 'friends' who 'like' us so much, in our own very superficial ways.
We have no real substance, we just exist there.
Like a big faceless store, full of cheap knock-off items.
We know they aren't the real thing but we buy them 'cos they're cheap.
Think of the worst shop you possibly fill it full of 'Actors'  kissing each other on both cheeks in an overtly 'lovey' way.
Have them handing out free samples of 'like-me-darling'
Does it really taste like the real thing?
Do we really believe in the hype?
Would we prefer this over the market leader?
I don't think so...

So, what can be done about it?
I have absolutely no idea...what?, I'm not 'Super Blogger' come to 'Save the World from Unsocial Media and His Evil Plan for World Domination'.!
I'm just 'Clueless Blogger come to Drink Tea and Eat Cake'.
I can mange that, the other...well...
But there's one thing I do know...that if we desert our blogs completely, if we turn our backs on our own personal space within this Land of Blog, if we just post to other media...then 'Unsocial Media and His Evil Plan'...will have won...

So, in this spirit I am going to try to fight it.
I am going to think of things to actually write, longer things, maybe even some paragraphs!
And I am going to grab my cup of tea and my slice of cake and return...I shall not let my blog die!
There is still life in it...Unsocial Media will not destroy the Land of Blog.
Not while Clueless Blogger has cake!
And a pot of tea!
I will be back...
You have been warned :o)


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Wow, you really have gotten up a head of steam eh? Whenever, I'll be here too. Standing shoulder to shoulder with you and your stance against Unsocial......... cuz I love ya crazy lady. xoxo Lindy

Danni said...

here, here! I missed my blog, so I swept it out and have started spending time there earing cake again. Glad to see you back! xo

Pia said...

I felt a little sting of quilt.. Your post here made me think, it is about time to write something on my own blog too.. I love your blog and way of writing! Thank you for the inspiration!