Saturday, 15 September 2012

From Little Acorns...

I don't know about you but I love Autumn...although to be honest this year most of the Summer has been very Autumnal!

I haven't had much access to computers this year and it's been a rather strange experience...on the one hand I have missed and craved the way you can peep into other folks' lives and see how you all are and what everyone's been doing...on the other hand, it makes you so free when you can no longer do that :o)
As I'm rather isolated up here in the mountains of wet and windy Wales it's lovely to be able to travel the world with you all and come to have virtual tea right in your homes but because I haven't been able to visit I have had withdrawals, isn't that odd?
One good thing though is that I can actually get on and finish things begun last year which I always left in the 'to-do' be warned, you'll all be sick of seeing me soon ;o)

My little Elves are now speaking to me and not sulking and I have even done a few Halloweeny things...maybe I should get on and photograph them...(yep,that would be a good idea ;o)) then I could share them with you over an nice cup of tea, and a cake :o)

This painting was supposed to be finished last Autumn but got buried under piles of my other  'oooh shiney' stuff  (my attention span is not great when a new idea pops into my head) but at least I've done it for this year!
(As you know I'm a slow worker, I hate being rushed ;o)
To be fair to myself though, I do fit these things in around home-schooling children, trying to tame the wilderness which surrounds our garden and all of the other boring day-to-day things like cooking-gawd I really don't enjoy cooking, and yet I do it every day...come rain...come rain...feeding teenagers is a never-ending story, how can they be so skinny and yet eat so much!? Please let me in on the secret :o)

Well, enough of she is...this one is for all of you who have that little Acorn waiting to be planted, you know the one...the little idea or dream, just waiting for you to give it some encouragement and a little care ready for it to grow...and we all know what little acorns grow up to be :o)