Monday, 29 August 2011

EHAG sneak peek

Hi folksies
Just remembered that I forgot (?) to pop a sneaky little peek at my EHAG thingy for the Emporium this month!
Never mind isn't quite the end of the month ;o)
So here's my offering...can you tell what it is yet?
He he he he he

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Those Sirens and their singing...

Well folks, after the last post (oh that sounds a little sad!)...
I have taken Quentin's advice and hidden my junk under the table!
By the way, Quentin makes the most gorgeous jewellery if you want to have a peek at his website Lunar Skies
Which means that I got to do some painting, doubt it will last though ;o)
I have (I think) finished (maybe) this Mermaid painting which has been lying around for a while bugging me to get on with know those Sirens and their song!
Does it look finished to you, or is something missing?
My dear Troll says it need an island, but I think that might be too distracting, after all it's her we're meant to be looking at, not an island in the hope that Jack Sparrow might be lurking there ;o)
As you can see, I'm a fiddler, which is a big problem!
Nothing ever gets finished 'cos I just need to add a little something here and a bit there...
The colours aren't really like this either because my scanner and the finished item always have a tiff and play up with each other so my colours go all weird!?!
Oh well, back to my fiddling...and as Joolz has put the thought there (thanks for that Ju!)...I now have 'Fiddler on the Roof' going through my head!
'If I were a rich man....'
Bet you're all singing it now too aren't you?
He he he...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The tale of the missing wooden table, by Agatha Misty

We're moving stuff...again...
You know that awful kind of 're-arranging things' because you need more space?
Then when it's all piled up into a teetering tower and you have created a lovely clean little area...only to look behind you at the cob-webby-dust-infested pile of junk which you now have no space for!
My daughter's bedroom is now beautifully tidy after laying new carpets and doing girly all of the stuff she no longer wants is piled in the big inglenook (it looks like a flea market...funny how quickly they grow out of toys...)
I'm just as bad as everyone else here though...

I did used to have a table to 'work' on, in the kitchen, tucked under the window to get better light, ha, nice try there Missy!
It was all ready for me to paint the 'masterpiece', you know which one, the one that lurks in the back of your head and will never come out to play!'s piled high with boxes and clay and bits of old fluff and lace and oil paints and sculpting tools and more boxes and ribbons and plastic leaves and more fluff and an old herbal book (?) and some sketch books and some charcoal and some crayons and some hair (?) and some watercolour paints and some pencils and some bits of fluff which looks like it came from a timid dog (we don't have a dog though!) (?) and some acrylic paints which have dried up because their lids snapped off so I have to poke a knitting needle down the end to get the paint out! and some fabric and some sewing threads and some paper and some scissors and some chocolate ;o) and some tissues and some photo's and some more fluff and a small easel and the castors from my big easel which broke and some hand wipes and some paintbrushes and a jar of teeny beads and some small wooden tables and an old rusty six inch nail which I found in the fireplace and liked (?) and some rust which flaked off the big nail!...and some more can see there's a problem here can't you?

I can't find my table anymore!!!

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted...
Back to sketching on the sofa and annoying everyone with my scratchy charcoal (ha ha ha, teach them to mess the house up!)...they should be more tidy with their me ;o)

This one is a study for a stretching case you couldn't tell ;o)