Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who says you have to be 'Skin and Bone and Misery?'

Happy New Year! :o)
I bet you're all so sick of hearing that by now aren't you?
Well...you will all no-doubt hear it on every blog until the novelty wears off he he he

So...did you all have a fab time? Hope so!
I will not say about mine as it will get very boring if everyone on their blogs rattles on about how they ate too much and now feel guilty...blah blah blah...

Last year...(was it that long ago?) I found a fantastic 'plump' model and have been doing lots of sketches of her...it has always been difficult finding a larger model, for obvious reasons, so when you find one believe me, you treasure them!
Just think, if you have a 'perfect' figure and are very aware of it, then you would have no problem at all being an art model (and we would all hate you forever!!!! he he he)
But if society made you believe that you were too fat and so, therefore, must be 'unattractive' then how brave you must be to become an artist's model and let all of the world see your so-called flaws!
So thank you my 'plump' model, thank you for giving me the opportunity to challenge the misconceptions which society has imposed on us, that only thin or perfect can be beautiful!
Thank you for giving me the chance to draw something different from the 'beautiful' (and they are) perfect (they are) models...although I do also thank them for allowing me to draw from their lovely bodies...it means so much more to me, being able to draw your 'not-so-perfect' body...

And I think that's about it...
As you can see...I have started the New Year as I mean to go on!
Run for the hills folks he he he