Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I has been playing Wizards!

I has been playing with potions...well, the wizards shouldn't have all of the fun!
After my last post I'm a little off wizards!
Really, I play like this all of the time but I actually took pictures of these so you can play wizards with me (or witches!) ;o)
What shall we make?

I sometimes wonder if I will ever grow up...nah...who wants that kind of boredom?
Although these creations of mine are taking over my house, I do enjoy playing with them...after all, where else can you stick your big fingers into potions and brew things with mermaid and dragon scales?
Hey, now don't blame me I didn't harm them, they sort of 'fell off' on their own and I was there to collect them!
I've been creating wizard stuff all year for sale but then I get attached and don't want to part with them...typical me really...but there really is nowhere left and I must be strong...must not be greedy (yeah like that's ever going to happen!)...

So my little wizards (or witches!) what have you all been up to?
Any one been brewing potions?