Thursday, 10 December 2009

What Season Is It Anyway?

Well it's Beginning to look a lot like Yuletide...everywhere you go...

Apart from here though...for some reason...I don't seem to make "Seasonal" the right season!
I tend to ditch things part way through creating them...(UFO's again!)...then feel guilty...and start them again...after everyone else has moved on to creating other seasonal things...

I think it has something to do with magickal things...they don't really fit in with the seasons in a traditional I don't tend to create for a specific market...I create for me...while this is fine and lovely for me...and freeing in an artistic does limit my customers...mainly to folks who LOVE Halloween...or are really crazy about know, that kid in the round glasses...the one with an owl... completely screw up the traditional Yuletide blog decor...

It's called Night Spells...can't think why...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Finishing My UFO's...(Un-Finished Objects)

Well...I'm still not grade one...but I am managing to get a bit of sewing done!
Just like Agapantha...The Quilting Witch...I am actually...almost...finishing a quilt which has been lounging in the... "must finish this thing cos' I'm sick of looking at it" pile...(which I have to add, is HUGE!) is one of my alter-ego's...she looks a lot calmer and sweeter than me...but my quilt is more finished than hers...(so there...he he!)
And it's keeping my legs nice and warm too...see there is a bonus to having to sit still...if only someone else would cook and wash pots...I'd be in witchy heaven!

I'll post some more old photo's when I manage to find out where they've been stored on this contraption...I can't find my way around without a big ball of string!

(I'm not really a luddite...I just dress like one!)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Love Lies Bleeding...

Hello everyone...
As I'm a little incapacitated at the moment...after hurting my back...again!
I thought that I'd post a few of my old that you don't think that I've forgotten you...
This is Amaranth...The broken hearted elf...Ah!
I'll post some more when I can sit up straight...till then...crook-back signing off...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Green Man

I have been fascinated by The Green Man since childhood...
I like to think his presence is felt when we are close to nature...working in our gardens or walking in the countryside or through the wooded places.

He represents wild nature...he hides within his leafy home...the leaves growing from his body and out through his mouth.
He brings nature to effect he is the spirit of nature.
He is an image which belongs to no religion and yet all of them at the same time.
He speaks of birth...of growth...of decay...and of rebirth.
I see him as Mother Nature's consort...her partner...her love.

I have created many types of Green Men over the years...I have made graphs for cross stitch and needlepoint which show different aspects of him...I have drawn him and sketched him...I feel like I know him personally...he is like a friend to me.

In the U.K. many inns and public houses are named after The Green rural areas and in the cities.
His image can be seen in many old churches and cathedrals...looking down on the congregation...or peeping out from behind screens...he is even carved into the pews.

As a spirit of renewal...his face is seen in many places...usually benevolent...sometimes a little mischievous...always uplifting.

The Green Man which I have painted here is shown as an image of The Oak King...who presides over half of the year...the other six months belonging to The Holly King.

He is surrounded by oak leaves and is bringing forth new spring leaves...but is also turning into autumn with his older leaves changing colour and his acorns ripening.

I hope that I have done justice to my old friend...

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Me And Tabby.

Well...after all the festivities it's back to the drawing board...or easel...!

I've finished another of the "Little Witches"...well I actually finished her a week or two ago but she's been to the printers...where they "stitch" the scans together and print them...they have to stitch them because the canvas I use is too big for the scanner...I must try using a smaller would save so much work...I have to have two scans for each painting...and pay double!

I call this one..."Sunny Day With Me And Tabby"...can't think why!
I love patchwork so I gave her a patchwork cat...I think it's her little "familiar"...she seems a happy little thing to me...enjoying a nice sunny Autumn winds in sight...I think she's a child of the Summer...hope she doesn't have hay-fever like my family!

Hope you all had a groovy Halloween!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Little Witch...Friends Forever

This "Little Witch" reminds me of my middle sister...she has such a sweet little face...just sitting in the meadow enjoying herself with her best friend crow.
(My sister didn't actually have a crow for a friend!)
I think she's a little child of nature...I don't know if others will see her this way...but to me she symbolizes the natural instinct which children have, to be in tune with their surroundings...and to find pleasure in simple things.

I would have loved to have had a crow for a friend...

Friday, 16 October 2009

My Harvest

This little cutie is so proud of her harvest...just look at the beautiful pumpkins she's grown...all by herself!
She seems a little "Old Fashioned" in this outfit...she just ended up very traditional looking...not a bit how I had imagined her at all...I think it suits her though...even if she does look a little prim.

Seems I just can't stop painting these "Little Witches"...wonder who the next one will be?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Feed The Birds

I've just finished another of the folk art children's paintings...this one is called, "Feed The Birds"...although someone who saw it said it should be called, "Crow Girl"...just goes to show how each person sees your art work!

Actually I like this one, she seems really happy...standing in a field feeding her big black birds...makes me want to join her.

We do have plenty of them around where's that corn?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Green Man

Back to The Green Man...I can't leave him alone!
(Must be the smell of all those leaves...I love the smell of sad!)

Yes, I am painting another picture of The Green Man...over the years I have created him in many different styles and materials...I have made cross stitch charts...needlepoint name it, I have stuck a Green Man on it.
This time though I am doing him in acrylics on canvas...I'm not really sure whether I like his portrait at the moment...he seems to have passed too far into Autumn and needs greening up a bit more.
Maybe this time of year is affecting my colours are all leaning towards the shades of the season...oh dear...what will the Winter bring...white snow on a white canvas?
Not really...I'm not THAT arty...(ha ha ha)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Folk Art Children

The Folk Art Children seem to be taking up most of my painting time at the soon as one is finished then another one calls to me.
I seem to be preoccupied with this style of is very liberating for me as I usually do more precise watercolour techniques...with lots of detail...this is the time that I can be more free with my art and concentrate more on the colour and emotion within the picture, and not the minute detail.

One of the paintings...Poppy (no more war) full of colour and yet still seems drab...this was intentional, as she is trying to show how children suffer when the world is at war.
The landscape is bleak and so is she.
The poppies are used to commemorate war veterans so she is surrounded by stylised flowers, which match her outfit, in effect, she is also a poppy.
Deep red...beautiful and sad.
I still love her though.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lonely Boy

I am working on a set of folk art, children's portraits at the moment.
Each one came into my mind with a desire to tell me about art has a different meaning to each person...I don't like to say too much about the reason for creating something...but try to explain a little about why, in the titles.

One of them troubles me a is called "Lonely Boy" I feel there is something in his eyes that he is trying to explain to me but I am not fully understanding him.
As the painting is a very naive style, I can't put too much in the way of detail into his portrait to help me gain an insight into his troubles.

I wonder if the people who see him will connect with him in a different way?