Those Faeries and Us

Up the airy mountain Down the rushy glen,

We daren't go a-hunting, For fear of little men. 



Many years ago a small shy girl stood at the top of her stairs holding her little sister's hand, believing they could fly they both leaped from the top stair...and flew.
Many years later the feeling of being able to fly with the Fae is still here, although after three children, my body may not have the grace it had all those years ago, my mind can take me into the air to fly with those wondrous beings who share the world with us.
Marriage to a Giant Troll (and then the children) led us to Snowdonia (a natural Troll habitat) where we began to build a place for magic to grow, this became known as Oberon's Wood.
After a while my art began to reflect the surroundings here in the rugged windswept mountains of Wales, more and more Fae began to appear, so naturally I welcomed them in.

I am inspired by simple things, like the colours hiding within a drop of dew, the sky as the sun sets over the distant mountains, the creases on a well-used face.
Everything begins with a sketch, this may become a painting, it may inform me it would prefer to be born from clay, it may hide within the sketch book and never show its face.
Each creation dictates its own terms, I have little control over the outcome and I accept this.
Because we live in a remote area, having the internet has become a bridge to the outside world for the Faeries to travel over, if you do meet any along your journey, please send my regards :o)
If you would like to see more of us, we can be found hiding here in  Oberon's Wood

Sometimes we hide within the trees and just watch, if you sit quietly, the world can be a magical place :o)

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