Monday, 2 April 2012

Are all Elves bald and grumpy?

Well we at last have some rain!
No gardening today, which is just as well as I have banged my fingers up and can't grip anything, my hand is like a crazy claw...(I kind of like the shape but not the bruising!)
Which also means no sculpting either :o(
I have a hoard/horde of angry bald Elves looking at me to get on and finish them...and still I pretend that I can't see or hear I can just wave my clawed hand at them and not feel so guilty, (that's my excuse for today) :o)
I'll try to take a picture of their mean little faces and you'll understand how bossy they are to me...
Not to mention the old bald witch and sculpts are ganging up on me...
Serves me right I suppose...things do get put aside when the weather gets brighter.

This is a sketch I did before the lure of the outdoors, I think she would make a lovely faery...but then she would most likely moan at me because she didn't have her wings know how whiny the Fae can be!
I've not done much sketching lately, I'm such a lazy artist! 
I feel ashamed...a little...hey, actually not really that much :o)
I have to get as much done outside as I can before the dreaded pollen attacks.
What is it with the world these days...grumpy bald Elves, mean witches, nasty pollen...?
I may have to hide under my table...maybe not, that's where I hide my disaster drawings...they just look at me and tell me how rubbish I am.
I have a feeling that I'm sounding a little pathetic now...oh no...they really are out to get me!

I hope it isn't catching ;o)