Thursday, 31 March 2011

Introducing...Ms Cassandra and Miss Rowan

Ms Cassandra and Miss Rowan (Take a walk in the Dark Woods)

Don’t be scared sweetheart,
You know it isn’t real,
It’s just the shadows in the wood
Which gives the creepy feel.

Don’t be shy my baby,
Don’t hide your little face,
It’s just the whistle of the wind
Which haunts this lovely place.

Don’t you fret my darling,
Your mummy has you tight,
I’ll chase away the spooky things
Upon this moonlit night.

Don’t you worry honey,
Don’t listen to their plea,
I’ll keep you safe from all things scary;
Bug-eyed Monsters, spiders hairy,
Ghosts and Ghouls and Goblin Faery
Do not frighten me!

This creation came about after thinking how much our children rely on 'Mummy' to be a big, strong, safe image.
I love the way which very young children see their though they are invincible, that they are never afraid of anything…that they will always be able to protect them.
Although as they grow older, sadly they realise that this is not always so…

This creation is my offering for the March EHAG Emporium...if you would like to see more of the artists of EHAG do pop over to their's always Halloween there...what more could you want? ;o)

Ms Cassandra stands at 5 1/2 inches to the top of her head and 6 1/2 inches to the top of her pointy hat.
Although it is difficult to see Miss Rowan (she's hiding), I can assure you that she does have a full face and both her eyes are there! (Even though I then hid one on Mummy's shoulder)
I also thought it would be cute to dress Rowan in bright colours as a contrast to the more sombre garments which adults (witches ;o)) prefer.
Although most of my figures can be gently posed, because of the nature of this pose I have fixed the two figures together...they are, therefore, not pose-able and Mummy can keep hold of Rowan forever...that's love for you...
These figures are completely One-of-a-kind and no moulds have been used or taken from them (so you will have the only ones ;o))

Sorry folks if this sounds like a sales pitch...I'm not after your money...I'm just trying to promote my EHAG friends :o)

And look at me...two posts in two days!
I must be feeling ill ;o)
He he he he he

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Let us pray...

Well...I think he looks like he's praying at least...
the only reason I wanted to sketch this pose was because of his arched back...
for some reason...whenever I see a new pose, I size it up for wings :o)
And, as his back is nice and big you could fit a grand pair of wings on it ;o)

Makes me wonder what the poor boy was praying for...
Maybe he's heard all of the comments about his other sketches (and his back)...
Maybe he doesn't want to be a Greek God!
Maybe he's praying that the folks who left the comments about him won't find him ;o)

Or maybe he's just having a quiet moment...
Sometimes it's the quiet moments which help us to really see ourselves...
Sometimes we get lost or caught up in events and feel helpless...
Sometimes we pray to whichever Gods we have faith in to aid us or just to hear us...
Sometimes we just need someone to listen...

So...for now...I think I'll leave you to your own quiet moment...
See you all very soon...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

What a rotten Tease!

Hello there everyone...can you believe has been sunny for two whole days!!!
Won't last...

This little picture is a sneak peek of my offering for the March EHAG Emporium
I haven't made anything for a while...been drawing mostly and concentrating on my Faery Book
(You know...the one I've been working on forever ;o))
So I thought that it was about time I did some 'proper' work ;o)
And, surprisingly for 'proper' was great fun...if a little awkward!

I'm not saying any more about it for now...
It is only a tease after all... are you all?
Is it sunny for you?
Anyone been up to mischief?
Do tell...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Return of The Greek God!

And as promised...
Here he is from the back ;o)
He has such a broad back that I couldn't fit him on my 'puter...(scanner)
So I'll just leave you to imagine the rest ;o)
Also, he does have feet but they wouldn't fit on either...although they were quite small for such a big lad!
Now...from the amount of feedback he has been receiving here and on The Hive and Facebook...I have come to the conclusion that, although we live in a modern society...with mod-cons and very feminist attitudes...
We all still seem to hanker after a good old fashioned Greek God...
Can't think why ;o)

Now go fan yourselves with a wet cloth and I'll see you all next time...with maybe a girl?
Or...maybe I'll do a Standing Greek God?
He he he he he

Monday, 21 March 2011

Could he be a Greek God?

I'm not going to harp on about how long it's been since I visited see...this time I have a 'proper' excuse!
My poor old gal (the 'puter) has been coughing and spluttering for a while...and over the past few weeks we thought she might not make it...but...
She has had a little R&R and even some ER (no, not that show!) and 'Touch wood & whistle' she seems to be okay...(hope so anyway!)

So...I thought this time I would give the spotlight to the Blokes...
I've put up lots of Ladies on this blog so now I'm going to devote a little space to the Fellas...

This chap struck me as being a God (Can't think why ;o) )
I think he would be a little too...well...big...for a Fae... never know...just cos' I've not met one this big doesn't mean there ain't one this big!

I can't really see him flying around the woodland...although...he might make a cool Angelic type...maybe a Dark Angel...
I think I may have to sit down and have a rest now...after all this exertion...;o)
I'm feeling a little faint...wafting my fan quickly...and wasn't the model who made me faint...he's not my type...
I like them Tall, dark and rich...just like my taste in chocolate really...
Oh yes...and stupid helps...
He he he he he...
Good thing my Giant Troll doesn't read this anymore...;o)
(Next time I'll show you him from the back...the model not the Giant Troll)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Smudgy Fae...(could be a song title)

Hello you can see I've done a female this time :o)
And she's all smudgy and charcoaly just as they always are...can't do 'clean' when you use the lovely black sticks...good thing my sofa's aren't white!
I think this one wants me turn her into a Fae...she looks that type...what do you think?
She's a little squashed on the screen as I sketch in A3 and my scanner is A4 so I have to squish them in to fit...(saves stitching them, hate doing that)

Hey, get me...two blog posts with a 'smallish' gap between them...wonders will never cease!

Also while I'm here (having been given a lovely bug from my adorable sprogs!)...I see that I have some new followers...'Hello and welcome to the wood...mind your heads on the falling branches :o)' that's made me feel even more guilty for being so neglectful on this blog...(If you ever read any of my other blogs you would see that this is a common occurrence with me...I take on far too much and just can't carry it something always falls out of my arms...I promise that I'll try to be good from now on (crossing fingers behind my back) and do more here...
Did anyone really believe that?
Didn't think so...
Can you believe that it's now March?
The birds are all frisky outside...little sweeties...they're all so glad to be alive...funny how you don't hear about depression in the wild critters isn't it...mmm