Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's me, your Cathy, I've come home...

Oh my goodness...has it really been that long?
My...don't you all look well!
Seems like only yesterday....

Greetings aside...I think that I have been 'Rip Van Winkled'...I'm not sure which of the Fae did it but I'm sure they must have.

Everything around me seems so different...does anyone still use blogs?
Or have you all gone off to the dreaded facebook?
I don't know what it is about the 'FB' (hey, just one letter short from the 'you-know-what' *wink wink*) but it just feels so vacuous.

I try to like it but for months now I have wanted nothing to do with it...for a start...everyone 'loves you' and there's all this OMG and text speak that I'm thinking of  buying a new dictionary...I don't understand them all!

So here I am...back at my blog and feeling like an old person who has woken up after a very long sleep, because the last time I looked (properly looked) at myself, I think I was young.

So...what has this old person been doing, I hear you say. (I'm not deaf yet, just old).
Strangely...I've been doing 'pretty things'.
I won't go into details but my little sister has been poorly with cancer and for some reason it has made me really focus on beautiful, lovely, pretty things...I suppose there's some psychological reason for this, but you know what, it makes me feel better...and it makes me smile, that can't be a bad thing can it?...
So...I'm going to be bossy big sister now and tell you all to smile...a really big corners-of-the-mouth-turned-up smile...feel better?
Good :o)

I'm also trying to be more disciplined with myself regards my art...I'm being more critical about the rubbish and maybe a little kinder about the not so bad stuff...the inner critic is a demon but he is right sometimes.

I've decided that my big Art Dolls need their own space so I'm sorting out a new blog and Etsy store and even an OMGFB page for them...although...I may be a big tease and not tell anyone, when or where, just to see who's really paying attention or likes a good mystery novel he he he

I've also discovered that I am addicted to lace...who knew? (well everyone who knows me actually) and I am often found stroking it (please don't judge me...I bet you do some weird things behind closed doors too) and my daughter and I love the way velvet feels when you stroke it up and down (she's inherited some of my quirks I see) but my eldest son hates it, he says it's as bad as nails down a chalkboard!

As usual my table is piled with UFO dolls which I do want to finish but this lazy bone in my arm is really playing me up and refusing to work on them, so they sit forlorn in jars and stare at me with a Victorian photo vacant stare...they are a little odd with no arms or legs I know, but there is a kind of pleasure in getting so far with them and then abandoning them...I'm sick, very sick...

I've been trying to sort through my disgustingly large collection of cards and ephemera too (as you can see here) but that's another story...

So...that's about it really...just thought it would be nice to come and chat with my old blog buddies and let you know what has happened to me...did anyone even miss me?
Thought not...ah well...
I hear some dolly torsos calling my name...in a really odd Bronte sisters' way....'it's me...finish me...it's me...finish me...it's me, your Cathy, I've come home...now I've got Kate Bush singing at me he he he

Don't forget, you're never fully dressed without a smile :o)

(And just to be really naughty I'm going to link this to my FB page just for the fun of it OMG!) *big smile*