Monday, 20 June 2011

Am I following You?

Hi folks...
I'm reposting this one as it got lost behind the Midsummer Faery ;o)...

I just wanted to check with all of my friendly followers to see if I have done you all the courtesy of following you in return?
I have just spent ages trying to track some of you down!
Some folks keep their 'profile' hidden which means when I click on the followers it won't show a link to your lovely site and then I can't come and have nosey around your blogs...:o( :o(
I've managed to find a few of you...who have been following me for yonks and now I can see what goodies you have to please forgive my was you all being secretive 'what dun it' ;o)
So...if I have totally ignored you...and you really didn't want me to (and I can understand why you would!)...then PLEASE...leave me a comment or a message or anything which I can grab as a link to that I can come and play on your own turf :o)
If you have recieved this message and did not subscribe to this blog, please ignore this message ;o)

Merry Midsummer Solstice Everyone!