Wednesday, 2 September 2015

One Upon a Time

One Upon a Time ...

At least that pumpkin is large enough for us to travel in.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into The Land of Blog, who should there be tap tap tapping at the keyboard...but your little Old Faerie Godmother (aka Me)!
I have my wand at the ready to turn your autumn pumpkins into beautiful coaches...
Any little mice shall become horses...
You my dear, shall go to the ball!
Now, what do they wear for formal occasions these days?
Are poufy dresses still worn to the Royal Balls?
Ahhh never mind, in my head you are all dressed in the poufiest frocks I can imagine.
(And I can imagine really real poufiness!)

As you can see I have been swept away into my own world once again.
I think it started many years ago Doctor...when I first learnt how to fly.
Since then there has been no stopping me...

It doesn't help that the Fae are constantly begging portraits from me...and you know how much they like to flounce around!
So, here I sit, wand in hand, wondering if anyone out there is in need of a Faerie Godmother.
Do you feel in need of a little wand-waving?
Are your clothes all tatty and ragged?
Are you still looking for Prince Charming?
Fear not!
I shall endeavour to right this injustice!
Just say the word...
All you have to do is believe.
The rest is magic...:o)

Now, I really must finish these paintings...maybe I should take this poufy dress off first...