Sunday, 27 March 2011

What a rotten Tease!

Hello there everyone...can you believe has been sunny for two whole days!!!
Won't last...

This little picture is a sneak peek of my offering for the March EHAG Emporium
I haven't made anything for a while...been drawing mostly and concentrating on my Faery Book
(You know...the one I've been working on forever ;o))
So I thought that it was about time I did some 'proper' work ;o)
And, surprisingly for 'proper' was great fun...if a little awkward!

I'm not saying any more about it for now...
It is only a tease after all... are you all?
Is it sunny for you?
Anyone been up to mischief?
Do tell...


Anonymous said...

spring is here...
it's sunny and i wake up with the song of the birds every day now.
i love it !
send some sunbeams to you...<3

Oberon's Wood said...

This is so spooky...the name of the piece has 'Cassandra' in the title!
And you're the first to add a comment!

The birds are all singing their little hearts out here too...makes you just feel happy listening to them :o)
Sunbeams sent right back at ya!

Jeanne said...

Such a 'tease'..... :0)
Spring is here with blooms and green grass. But Ol'Man Winter is still making an occasional, albeit brief, appearance.
May the warmth and joy of Spring knock on your door to see if you can come out to play....

Anonymous said...

now I'm really curious about what you are doing...;-)

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to be Autumn here, but the last few days have been more reminicent of Winter.
Today was lovely and sunny but alas, I was stuck in a stuffy office and couldn't enjoy it :o((
I am waiting with anticipation to see what your little "tease" turns out like...I'm sure she will be great as anything born of your hands, you are so talented!!
I hope you have many more days of sunny weather complete with birds a chirping and bees a buzzing!!
Brightest Blessings to you :o)))

Oberon's Wood said...

Oh no...I've just found these 'puter must still be wrong!!!

And here's me thinking nobody loved me ;o)

You are all so lovely and make me blush :o)
Thanks everyone...even if I am very late!