Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Smudgy Fae...(could be a song title)

Hello you can see I've done a female this time :o)
And she's all smudgy and charcoaly just as they always are...can't do 'clean' when you use the lovely black sticks...good thing my sofa's aren't white!
I think this one wants me turn her into a Fae...she looks that type...what do you think?
She's a little squashed on the screen as I sketch in A3 and my scanner is A4 so I have to squish them in to fit...(saves stitching them, hate doing that)

Hey, get me...two blog posts with a 'smallish' gap between them...wonders will never cease!

Also while I'm here (having been given a lovely bug from my adorable sprogs!)...I see that I have some new followers...'Hello and welcome to the wood...mind your heads on the falling branches :o)' that's made me feel even more guilty for being so neglectful on this blog...(If you ever read any of my other blogs you would see that this is a common occurrence with me...I take on far too much and just can't carry it something always falls out of my arms...I promise that I'll try to be good from now on (crossing fingers behind my back) and do more here...
Did anyone really believe that?
Didn't think so...
Can you believe that it's now March?
The birds are all frisky outside...little sweeties...they're all so glad to be alive...funny how you don't hear about depression in the wild critters isn't it...mmm


Magaly Guerrero said...

I think you are right, she wants to be a Faery; her back is practically asking for it.

And it is March indeed and the birds on my backyard might not sound depressed, but I think they are mad at me because the feeder is empty. I think that it is hilarious that they come and sit on the feeder and then kind of hang around my window ledge as if pointing out "Um, Witch? We know you are in there! Are you going to feed us or what?"

I love my birdies; and the fact that they always look so cheerful is one of the main reasons why.

Thanks for sharing your Smudgy Fae with us ;-)

Lilac SilverFox said...

I must agree, I definitely think she is asking to be a Faerie. Lovely drawing.

I cannot believe it is already March! It is insane how quickly everything runs by us sometimes. I haven't seen too much wildlife and haven't been outside much yet, but seeing everything (animals and plant folk alike) just bursting with life is such an enjoyable sight to see!

Danni said...

I think she's just begging for a beautiful set of shimmery dragonfly wings! :)

P.S. Did you get my message on Twitter? I had to re-follow your Oberon's Wood account and it seems to have worked this go around. Let me know if there are any more hiccups and I'll try to figure out how to fix them!

Garden said...

Hi Celia
Love the drawing but can I ask a question from someone in the know ? Is the term 'Fae' refer to the aspect of Faery i.e. descriptive or is it a genre ? I have used it to describe a building I have done but now have doubts .. Thank you kindly

Oberon's Wood said...

Naughty go fill those feeders up right now ;o)
I agree, they do make you feel guilty if they run out of grub (do you say grub overseas? might mean something totally different!)
I love my birdies too...:o)

Oberon's Wood said...

Silver Fox...
Thank you...yes March already...just looking outside reminds me of how much work there is to be done on this ragged overgrown holding :o(
But it is lovely to see everything bursting through the earth...:o)

Oberon's Wood said...

Dragonfly wings! I hadn't thought of that, thank you :o)
I think the dreaded twit is working okay now...although I won't be much of a twitter...unlike my little birds here...(see how I came back to the birds ;o))he he he

Oberon's Wood said...

Afan Valley...(Paul)
I have just taken a peek at your Fae house, it's lovely :o)
Don't worry about naming it after the Fae, I'm sure they would love to live there!
As for your question...
Fae has been used for centuries as a kind of cloak for all of the members of Faery to live includes goblins, elves, fairies, and all manner of beings...but they all are members of the Fae...does that help a little?

mirsini's creations said...

Your smudgy faerie is reeally nice! I think she needs wings or something else with wings in her back! I used to draw too, but i stopped, i don't remember why! I kinda missed it!
Thank you for sharing your talent and your Fae spirit!
Byeeee!! :)

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Hey Old Ms. Cee. Look at you answering people back now. I'm impressed and not the least bit skeptical that this is a one time occurance.....tee hee. You are so good at juggling....better than me that's for damn sure. I let it (whatever that may be) just fall and stay put until someone else complains but then I am crustier than you by some accounts.
I love the smudgey one. She is lacking some sort of flying mechanism could go steampunk and avoid the usual you know. GK drew a woman the other day with a mechanical arm with gears at the elbow. When I asked why, she said because it was the new olde style. Made me laugh til I thought I would cry. Funny little bit of human mess eh? Yeah Cee, put cranks and gears on her......not.
I love your encouragement to all of us downtrodden're a goodie but don't tell anyone I said so or I'll vehemently deny it. The Olde Bagg XOXO

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Celia,
It is so good to know that you are still around....I did start to worry about you.
I know how you feel regarding taking too much on and something has to give. I have been guilty of not blogging regularly too!!
Here in the land of Oz we are just starting Autumn, the days are getting darker and colder, 'twill soon be time to hibernate!!
Be well and happy my dear.

Brightest Blessings xxx

Oberon's Wood said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!!!
I must try to post more...
So that I can chat with you all more ;o)