Thursday, 24 January 2019

Working with those Elementals...

'Dance of Fire and Water'

Well here she is, actually finished.
I have to say she's looking a lot smoother now and the fish are just how I pictured them when I began, not just blobs of orange!
Sometimes when you are creating art, there is this awful stage which you just have to push through. (The 'Wall' which everyone hits).
The voices in your head are telling you that this is dire, that you have messed everything up (again), that you are rubbish and should try digging graves instead ;o)
These are the times that you have to be the bravest.
Luckily, paint is very forgiving, you can cover most things up and no one will ever know just how bad it was before.
But...I wanted to show my early stages, for just those reasons.
So that those of us, struggling with our paintings can take heart in the fact that all paintings start off really really horrid.
They don't just appear on the canvas looking pretty and perfect.
They are all ugly ducklings. (I actually think ducklings are adorable).

This one is for the Elementals.
I wanted to paint two forces of nature playing together.
The mermaid represents Water, so is cool and blue.
The fishes represent Fire and are warm, red-orange.
I wanted them to dance the Eternal Elemental Dance within the water.

I have to say, that they were great fun to paint.
I now need to come up with an idea for the other Elemental beings...
After all, I wouldn't want them to feel left out :o)

See you again soon, maybe with some more awful beginnings...
(Painted in Oils, size A3)

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