Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Still sitting here, but now I have a little friend, or two

'Waiting for Jack'
The septic tank is broken...
I won't say more.
Let's just talk about Pumpkins...and Faeries...(and mice).
I found this little lady sitting all alone on a pumpkin one evening.
She seemed as though she was waiting for someone.
I hope they turned up, the weather can be a little harsh this time of year.
I do love seeing the leaves change to rust though, and to smell the lovely fresh morning air.
I say this because I just let a field mouse out of a humane trap, down the lane, and it was rather pleasant (the air, not the mouse, although it was a pretty little thing), just seeing the dawn rise.
Everywhere is starting to feel all crispy.
I suppose a pumpkin, a fairy and a mouse would make a sweet fairy tale, unless someone has already done it? he he he

Speaking of freeing little critters, it is a natural part of living in the countryside, that others will want to come and move in too.
And, I can say that Beatrix Potter was telling the truth in her story 'The Tale of Two Bad Mice', we have had mice and voles move into dolls houses and rearrange the furniture!
I don't mind them finding the residence desirable, it just gets annoying when they chew the tables!

Ah well, if you can't handle a little wildlife, then the countryside is not the place for you :o)
I'm off to add some peanut butter to the traps...
(Forget cheese, peanut butter is by far, the best)

This painting is done in oils on canvas :o)

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