Sunday, 22 July 2018

Just Sitting Here, Waiting for Autumn...

'Pumpkin in Blue Chiffon'

Lots of folks just love it.
I dread the beginning and long for the end of it.
That may sound a tad melodramatic but that's me.
Excuse me while I hold the back of my hand to my head and look ethereal :o)
This summer has been such a strange one, all over the world ; too much dry, too much heat, too much rain in some parts.
The mountains we can see over yonder, are always green, endless green.
This month they looked like Arizona in a heat wave (I must say, I have no idea what that would really look like, I'm just guessing), everywhere was yellow, dry, wispy parched.
It no longer looked or felt like North Wales.
It was weird.
And so very wrong.

Our water comes from a natural spring, way up in the mountains and feeds down to a gravity-fed tank, then to our taps.
Each day we searched the sky for rain, weeks go by and you see it not coming.
We were waiting for the day when our beautiful water maiden dried up.
We have no other water supply.
Droughts are a scary thing up here.
So far, she has been doing a great job, slower, but still there.
We have left roses for her at the source, she deserves so much more.

So, you see what I mean about Summer...
And so, the pumpkins come out.
Not really real pumpkins, just the ones I have painted or made over the years.
It comforts me to know that Autumn is crawling ever nearer and they can come and play.
So, for a while I will be getting everyone (who cares) into the spirit of the next season by showing you my pumpkins :o)
Here is the first, this pumpkin fell in love with a blue chiffon scarf and wrapped itself up in it.
They did not want to be parted and so I painted them enveloped in their friendship.
Even though the pumpkin was well past its prime, and had lumps and age spots, it still danced beautifully.
This one is painted in acrylics on canvas.

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OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

I am a kindred spirit when it comes to summer. Nope, don't care for 100 + degree weather. Can't abide the melting, sweating (glowing), headache....but then I know how to do the back of hand to forehead move.....very well and preform it often and frequently.
I think you nailed it when you said your mountains looked like AZ. It would also look like part of NM.
Contridictorily, if that's even a word.....our back yard is lush green and well attended by the fae. Sweet Man finally figured out how to treat a lady well and has begun to do yardwork as though it was important. Shock and wonder. My turtles are fat and sassy with all the bugs and critters that venture into the back yard....of course we are gonna have to give up something because of the HUGE water bills. But for this one year, I'm a happy lady.
Sorry about your slower pace of your water. Lovely offering for the goddess of the upper waters. And at least you don't have the other problem of having to flea from over abundance of water. Some areas of our state were dry as a bone until last week when someone's Karma called for floods. It's a shame what water can do. That's Mother Nature for you though.
I adore you punkinators. More, more.........
xoxo Oma Linda
a very big fan (literally and of course complementary as well)