Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I have been thinking about Wizards...

I've been thinking about wizards...
And I think that they have had a good time over the years...
I'm not complaining, hey, any magickal being having a good time is fine by me.
It's just that, with 'that' time of the year ever approaching, it will be time for the Old Hags to surface and scare the whits out of those poor itsy-bitsy children by popping them in their gruesome cauldrons etc etc all know the drill...

The hags have always been that way...scary and toothless...with warts to boot!
They couldn't just grow old gracefully and enjoy their dotage.
Obviously they didn't buy into all of that 'Rejuvenating Cream' nonsense ;o)

But the Wizards?
Why they can be as old as they want, with wrinkles as deep as the Pacific Ocean...and what do we think?
'Oh he's so wise and learned...just look at all of the wisdom written on his old face' (no warts either you notice)
'He must be terribly clever because he's SO old'
hem hem (that's me coughing, I know it's not very good but hey)
To be an Old Hag, you have to be erm OLD so why are they never given the same credit as the Wizards?
As you can see I've been giving this way too much thought!!!

And of course, while thinking, I doodle, if there's a scrap of paper anywhere near me and a stick of burnt wood there is no end to my scribblings...unfortunately this one got a bit carried away with itself and in real life he is huge, I couldn't fit his big head on the scanner!
Naturally he has all of the long flowing hair and beard (shiny shiny white no doubt) and that quizzical look of 'Why is she spending so much time thinking about Wizards', on his face...although it might be something much deeper knowing wizards ;o)

Also, perhaps it could be that, because I am also sculpting wizards and other bits then my mind is preoccupied with them...?
Who knows, it is a mystery...but I still think it is unfair, that gentlemen get to grow old and become 'distinguished' while the ladies just grow old...even in the magickal world...

Sorry to pass this on to you my dears...but I do like to share he he he
And anyway, I think my wizard looks like he has a crooked nose ;o)


maddyrose said...

I have had the same thoughts concerning the effects of getting old as relating to the males and females of both the mundane and magickal worlds and being an old crone or hag myself I must protest. I adore your sketch and if his nose is a bit crocked I hadn't noticed.

Oberon's Wood said...

Young Crone myself :o)
And of course we are very wise, much more so than any wizard ;o)
Thank you sweetheart!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

You know how this old bag loves to live in the world of fantasy....and there all things are possible. So I travel back there and being old and wrinkly in my alternate reality is the bestest thing ever. Only thing is I can't stay there long because of all the aches, pains and trips to the facilities necessary for a live in this realm. Oooooops.

And look at this...two of my favorite small thing makers are conversing right here before me. You two make me happy in this realm and the other.

Love the wizened old codger. He has real character (wrinkles). tee hee The Olde Bagg

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love the wizard. We must all just try to grow old as gracefully as we can LOL.


Valerianna said...

Actually, isn't it even worse, don't women grow OLD AND SCARY? Makes me think of the Wizard of OZ.. not that the wizard in there was anything special, but the two witches - there was evil, warty and very scary, or sickly sweet, though she did have a fair amount of power. Anyway, I'm with you. I think we are reclaiming the wise grandmother archetype little by little, but I'm dreaming that the next big Harry Potter -like hit will feature an amazing, magical grandmother-shaman as a main character.

Valerianna said...

PS - I love the wizard drawing! I got so caught up in my rant I forgot to mention that!! Such beauty in his eyes....

Anonymous said...

I have only just started my "cronage" but I guess I have an added bonus.....people in general have always been scared of me...don't know why...I'm pussycat really!!!

I must say that I have pondered on that question myself...why is it that us more mature ladies only get old yet those wizardly old geezers are deemed wise?

Oh well, I guess I have many more years to keep pondering that one whilst I break out the anti-wrinkle cream!!

Love your wizard dearest, you are such a talented Young Crone :o))