Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Finishing My UFO's...(Un-Finished Objects)

Well...I'm still not grade one...but I am managing to get a bit of sewing done!
Just like Agapantha...The Quilting Witch...I am actually...almost...finishing a quilt which has been lounging in the... "must finish this thing cos' I'm sick of looking at it" pile...(which I have to add, is HUGE!) is one of my alter-ego's...she looks a lot calmer and sweeter than me...but my quilt is more finished than hers...(so there...he he!)
And it's keeping my legs nice and warm too...see there is a bonus to having to sit still...if only someone else would cook and wash pots...I'd be in witchy heaven!

I'll post some more old photo's when I manage to find out where they've been stored on this contraption...I can't find my way around without a big ball of string!

(I'm not really a luddite...I just dress like one!)


Mother Moon said...

I know the feeling about UFOs... I am doing the same thing...determined to get some things done.... by the way I like the quilting witch...

Debbie said...

Wonderful Little Witch..x

Iris said...

I have a few piles like that. I have a book pile, books that got too dry and lie unfinished by my bed. Crocheting pile, unfinished blankets and scarves. I know how you feel!

I just thought I would take a moment to invite you (read as: you've been tagged) to participate in a holiday game. I was tagged by Juniper over at Wicca Moms. If you would like to play, here's the link to my post: