Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring is in the air...

Spring time...although looking outside up here in dreary Snowdonia, you would think it was Autumn!
Ah well...that's Mother nature for you!
I've been playing around with something for the EHAG Screampunk challenge...but it's still a secret, (so don't tell anyone, okay?)
This is a little sneak peek...

Can you tell what it is? :o)
It looks kind of cute from this angle but it isn't from the front!
I've not been doing much in the form of 'Arty' stuff for a while as we have to clear the HUGE brambles and bracken out of the fields, which is an horrendous task which creeps up on us, much like the brambles ;o)
It was nice to have an excuse to not stick my wellingtons on and be able to sit at my table trying to remember where I'd put the one tool I really needed and which I couldn't find amongst all of my mess! are you all then...enjoying the Springy-ness everywhere?
All of the little yellow daffodils are smiling outside, which makes your heart feel all bouncy and renewed...just what we need after a long winter.
I might actually pull my wellies on and tramp through the mud to take a big sniff of Spring...after I've had another cup of (nettle) tea's still a bit chilly after all ;o)

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-P- said...

It's hard to believe that it is not cute.. =) You have daffodils, we have snow, but still, spring is around the corner!