Thursday, 8 April 2010

Old Jack...The Caretaker

Well my pretties...are you all enjoying the lovely Spring weather...yes?
Well why on earth are you sitting in front of your 'puters...reading this rubbish?
Go on...go outside and breathe in the lovely fresh air...instead of this stale stuff hanging around your rooms in which you keep these beasts that sap our lives...;o)

Before you do I haven't been blogging for a while...I thought I'd show you Old Jack...he's not my usual scale but he was fun to do.

I've been painting loads too...when I photo them...I promise to show you actually take the trouble to come and read this...(when you should be outside getting some fresh air!)...I must remember to put something pretty up for you when you visit...a bit like putting a doily out on your cake plate I know...but me old fashioned!
(I don't really use doilies...cake doesn't last that long around here!)

Well then my lovelies...time to venture outside...into the light...and leave this machine...have a lovely day...

Well...go you go...see you when it starts raining...again!

Happy Halloween!


Julie Kendall said...

Ohhhhhhhhh he is wonderful and bet he was fun to make too. He kinda talks to you........maybe i need some of that fresh He is fantastic though...can you tell i really really like him:O)

Oberon's Wood said... do need some fresh air my pretty!
And Old Jack says "Why thank you ma'm"
He loves comments like yours!
Now go on...outside with you...while we have some sun...!

Crystalrainbow said...

Just to say you post was a great kick this morning :) i went out for a 2 hr stroll. i dont have much of a garden just a few pots and since being ill ive not really been far on my own in fact today was my first ever trip out alone in 10 years so a huge thank you x x x i will post all about it later

Linda in New Mexico said...

As Dr. Seuss would say inside, outside, upside down......I love Jack but then I told you that truth before huh?
As to whom I was fussing in my bloggie. It is the worthless piece of human flesh also known as my (almost ex) son in law, the tall, bald, do nothing that fathered my lovely grands. It's the only good work the lout ever did.
And that's the name of that tune. So there. Ha, I say Ha.

Thanks for sharing Jack he is as I said wonderful....and so are you but don't be getting a swelled up head or you won't be able to fit through the door to outside and fresh air.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

well....? Ive gone mad methinks?.... thought Id left a comment already?? I LOVE your Jack,he has a kindly face & his hands are just great! I also have a thing for pumpkin-peeps & Ive been wanting to do one dancing the Tango with a 'hot' witch ... too nice to be indoors sculpting today tho .... it is sooooo lovely out today :o) this is why I dont make much stuff - I am just so easily distracted LOL x

Oberon's Wood said...

That has made my day sweetheart!
No thanks needed...

Now I understand my tell him!

You did leave it...but on the other blog...the "secret" one ;0)'re not going barmy!

Designs By CK said...

You are SUCH a sweetheart & thanks for your kind words about my new publishing venture!!!

AND last but not least...I love your Emporium piece!!! :-)


Chris (-: