Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Bleeding Heart

Call this summer!
Rain rain go away...(not really true as I hate having to water the poor plants when it's dry!)
We have another small flood in the front room, the rain has gushed down the mountain and banked up against our poor old house and is now trickling in through the stone walls and into the room (which they call The Parlour round these parts, there's posh for you ;o))
We have had this before...we lost our new carpets and underlay when we first moved here so don't put anything down anymore (learned that one the hard way, funny how no one mentioned that before we bought the house)...but, we do have to house the 'puters and stuff in there and when the puddles start we all rush around picking the wires and things off the floor to stop them getting wet (as you can see we have learned not to mix our water and electrics, safety first my dears!)
I'm huddled into a corner now with wires trailing all over things and it does look a little like a spider will be having me for dinner tonight!

Ah well, you gotta love June...if anyone is planning on being a June Bride, you may need to rethink that one...I hear December's quite nice ;o)

Spring passed me by so quickly this year that I didn't get to show my painting :o(
He was done for a Spring Challenge... and for some reason I decided (on some mad whim), to tidy up the house, so I packed him away safely inside a sketchbook (as you do) and then lost him!
I looked through all of them, over and over but nope...then...when I was no longer looking for him as Spring had made way for Summer (Ha! see top of post) and had decided that my Fae had flown the coop...I opened a book and there he was, trying not to look me in the eye (as usual) Typical! he is (the naughty boy)...he's sitting on my daughter's clump of Bleeding of course, that's what the painting is called :o)

Hope the rain is being good to you wherever you are...
I'm off to try to catch the rain...
Cee :o)


Linda Wildenstein said...

You paint such a vivid picture of the puddles and the wires. You are very good at word painting as well as the kind with paints.
Being where I am, the desert US, with 276,000 acres of the pine forest in the south on fire and two more lightening induced fires in the north.....I'd love for you to wiggle your nose and give us the rain. Then you could see the last days of spring and I could breath.
Never get what we want huh?
Lovely painting as always. Sorry the little brat hid from you. They do that cheeky bit though.
Hugs, Oma Linda

maddyrose said...

Are we neighbors? We're having our typical wet June. Cool and so wet nothing is growing in the garden except for the lettuce. The beans and squash have drowned! Luckly for me the house has been spared what you're going through. On a brighter note, the ducks have left the back yard so it's a sign the rain here is letting up a bit. Keep your feet up out of the water whilst working at the computer. ;o}