Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gentleman's Relish and Art

Hi everyone :o)
The sun has been gracing us with his presence for a week now!
North Wales actually had the most sunshine for the UK.
We are normally known for the highest rain fall, so this is really odd for us...
No rain coats or umbrellas!
I feel positively naked!
Which brings me swiftly on to my new mini...see you couldn't even see the join it was so seamless he he he

 I was sorting through some of my collection of nudes, which I have been collecting for decades now and which my Troll refers to as my 'porn stash'! Humph!

It makes no difference how many times I repeat the fact that this is an aid to my arty stuff, he just recons I'm weird...well no shock there eh?

I started to laugh at some of the old Victorian pictures as they were so odd back then, and this made me think of all of the funny 'Gentlemen' who would have purchased these pictures...which made me want to add some to my miniature world...which then led to editing bits out and shrinking...etc...and this was the result :o)

I have no idea who would want them (apart from me) but I thought I would make them any way...just because...
So tell me honestly...I won't be angry...if you had a miniature Gentleman (or lady!)...do you think it would be indecent to let them have their own Gentleman's Relish...or am I truly that weird?
And...do you think me collecting these images in the first place makes me weird? (Remember I am an 'Artist')
Also...is it a 'porn stash'? (please don't give my Troll any ammunition) ;o)
Cee...signing off from another bright and sunny day...it won't last...:o)


Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh my goodness, I love these, naughty bits and all. If the Troll didn't have something to give you a rattle with he'd be unhappy so let's give him the name "porn stash" hehehehehe. This is wonderful. The naming of this is perfection.....Gentleman's Relish and Art.
The Olde Bagg

Danni said...

Hehehe, oh goodness. If that's a 'porn stash' then what on Earth is the collection of nudie pictures fellows have today supposed to be called? A 'smut stash'? Yikes!

I love the idea of having miniature pics for someone's miniature Victorian home or Boudior.