Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Green Man

Back to The Green Man...I can't leave him alone!
(Must be the smell of all those leaves...I love the smell of sad!)

Yes, I am painting another picture of The Green Man...over the years I have created him in many different styles and materials...I have made cross stitch charts...needlepoint name it, I have stuck a Green Man on it.
This time though I am doing him in acrylics on canvas...I'm not really sure whether I like his portrait at the moment...he seems to have passed too far into Autumn and needs greening up a bit more.
Maybe this time of year is affecting my colours are all leaning towards the shades of the season...oh dear...what will the Winter bring...white snow on a white canvas?
Not really...I'm not THAT arty...(ha ha ha)

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