Sunday, 27 September 2009

Folk Art Children

The Folk Art Children seem to be taking up most of my painting time at the soon as one is finished then another one calls to me.
I seem to be preoccupied with this style of is very liberating for me as I usually do more precise watercolour techniques...with lots of detail...this is the time that I can be more free with my art and concentrate more on the colour and emotion within the picture, and not the minute detail.

One of the paintings...Poppy (no more war) full of colour and yet still seems drab...this was intentional, as she is trying to show how children suffer when the world is at war.
The landscape is bleak and so is she.
The poppies are used to commemorate war veterans so she is surrounded by stylised flowers, which match her outfit, in effect, she is also a poppy.
Deep red...beautiful and sad.
I still love her though.

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